Hard Bodies Gives Back

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  • As a veteran, Emil recognizes the challenges that our brave service men and women face. His goal is to train active, aspiring and former servicemen and women free of charge and to help create jobs for these heroes. Take a look at our Go Fund Me Page and please help support this cause.

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Hard Bodies Supports Teachers

In addition to the classes we offer at the various facilities in Mount Vernon and New Rochelle, Hard Bodies has teamed with several New York City and Westchester County schools to provide affordable boot camp for those teachers who cannot make it to my facility. If the person cannot come to boot camp, then boot camp will come to the person. The effects of this initiative have been noticed by all involved; administrators, students, parents and families of those who participated. The Hard Bodies Extreme Fitness Team is constantly seeking to go above and beyond to bring out the best in those we serve.

School Visits

Trainers from Hard Bodies also seek to visit students in schools to speak to them on the importance of taking care of one’s self and those around them to promote positivity, self-awareness and respect.

Want Hard Bodies to visit your school?

If you’re interested in having Hard Bodies visit the students at your school, or to help train your staff, let us know! We’d love to help.

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