Hard Bodies Extreme Fitness High-Intensity Total Body Workout with Frank and Shannon

Too Easy


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High-Intensity Total Body Workout with Frank and Shannon

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  1. Sandy
    5 out of 5

    Having a hectic schedule means that I can’t always make it to the gym. That is why I am so happy that Hard Bodies Boot Camp is now available online! I love Emil’s workouts and now I love that I don’t have to miss a class!

    The High-Intensity Total Body Workout with Frank and Shannon is a great full body workout! I could feel the intensity throughout the entire video. I was able to work up a great sweat and could feel my muscles being worked. This is the kind of video that makes you get stronger each time you do it. Frank and Shannon were so motivating – they worked hard from start to finish – and they made me work just as hard. Emil has a great way to keep you motivated and encouraged me to keep going! I felt great after the workout – and you will also. Hard Bodies will change your life by making you the best that you can be. Join the Hard Bodies family and you won’t regret it! Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

  2. Deborah
    5 out of 5

    Emil instructs with intensity and conviction like few trainers you will ever meet. Its about goals, and he makes sure you set your own and then surpass them each time. He gives it all at each session, and having trained with him at his clases multiple times in person, I can attest to the fact that each class is done with that same energy and spirit. These videos are no different, and with work schedules limiting in person participation, this is the way to go !!!

  3. marjorie
    5 out of 5

    This High intensity video and all the others are awesome. I’ve been working out for years and I’m always looking for more and i started at hardbodies a month ago and I’m extremely loving it. Emil is great he pushes you to the limits of no return and its a great adrenaline , i can say for myself i like the beast in me when I work out with Emil and all the others.
    Thanks to Frank & Shannon.
    Awesome videos!!

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