Hard Bodies Extreme Fitness Total Body Workout with Vanessa and Rose

No Excuses


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Total Body Workout with Vanessa and Rose

2 reviews for No Excuses

  1. Stephanie
    5 out of 5

    This video was achievable, motivating (thanks to Emil) and satisfying. With no equipment necessary, I was able to do it right in my living room. What a great way to NOT have an excuse!

  2. sandra
    5 out of 5

    What an amazing family and team I have even in my time of need I have them by my side, this workout was amazing, so far I have done 4 of the videos and they all kick ass. Emil is such an amazing trainer, friend and motivator, This program is definitely so worth it, when i cant make it to class I can still work out on line regardless of where I am and it is as if I was in class because Emil pushes you and motivates you to not give up. I had to leave the country and never the less I am able to do my work out on line. I am grateful that Emil has this on line bootcamp, I can take him with me where ever I go. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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