Emil Paolucci

Head Trainer

Emil is a former US Marine (1989-1993) who served active duty in Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during his time in the Corps. He has many years of personal & group training experience. In 2010, he launched Hard Bodies Bootcamp to help people change their lives for the better. Emil firmly believes that Hard Bodies Bootcamp isn’t just an hour-long workout to burn some calories but instead is a group of people who come together for a larger purpose. That purpose is not just to get into better physical shape but also to push beyond the barriers (physical and mental) they think hold them back.

Emil holds a brown belt in the Kajukenbo system. He is also the strength & conditioning coach at New Rochelle High School for the varsity football team (2006-present) and varsity baseball team (2010-present).

Melissa Tarpey


Melissa joined Hard Bodies in December 2010 and began teaching bootcamp classes in April 2011. An elementary school teacher by day, she quickly earned the respect and admiration of the members and then achieved near-legendary status by teaching classes through the ninth month of her pregnancy.

We are delighted to have Melissa back leading her bootcamp classes after giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl.