Meet the Founder: Emil Paolucci

Emil Paolucci is the founder and president of Hard Bodies Extreme Fitness. Emil and his team of dedicated trainers bring their heart, soul, and experiences into every class they teach. Within his classes, the words “win the battle” resonate throughout the session. Whatever challenges his members face, he promises them that if they persevere, they will overcome it and see results. As a veteran who proudly served this country in Desert Storm from 1989 to 1993, as an 0311 GRUNT and 0351 anti-tank assault-man, he knows firsthand the importance of being physically fit and mentally strong as a means of survival. Emil recognizes that everyone he serves is fighting their own battle, whether it be struggling with their weight, struggling with a decision, or a tough situation, his vow is to bring hope, motivation, dedication, and intensity to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone to be mentally and physically stronger. As he tells his members, “I know life can be challenging, but if you can surround yourself with positivity, fitness and health, you will start seeing a new and improved you in the near future.”

His classes provide that positivity, health and fitness that his members seek. As, Paolucci can be heard saying frequently, “I am, I can and I will help people grow every day.” He recognizes and appreciates the privilege he has to make people believers in themselves and doesn’t stop when the class ends. He can be seen posting motivational and inspiring speeches on social media to give his members the added encouragement they need to get through their day. Members are constantly thanking him for the difference his program is making in their lives as you will be able to see through the many testimonials on this site.

Just to give you an idea of what members think of Emil Paolucci – After an intense weekend workout and listening to one of Emil’s daily motivational posts a member posted:

There are not too many people that I can comfortable say inspire me to challenge myself to become a better person quite like Emil Paolucci does. If I had one word to sum him up as a person, my choice would be AUTHENTIC. I read your post everyday on Instagram and smile feeling blessed to know God created angels like you on earth. You are an amazing trainer and human being. NYC/Westchester, come work out with the best trainer in New York and get the results you’re looking for. You will also gain an extended family in Hard Bodies.”

The outpouring of agreements and positive responses from other members to this sentiment prove that his vision for this program back in 2010 has turned into a reality.