Welcome to Hard Bodies Boot Camp

Hard Bodies Boot Camp can help you get the fitness results you want. Our classes are open to both women and men from all levels of athlete, from beginners to intermediate to advanced. We also offer some of the best-value membership plans available in Westchester County.

Founded in 2010 by a US Marine, Hard Bodies provides bootcamp-style training classes in south Westchester County, New York that will help you burn calories and improve your strength & conditioning through boxing, plyometrics and cardio training.

Your first class is FREE, so you have nothing to lose but some weight!

The instructors at Hard Bodies Boot Camp are certified fitness professionals, and great people to boot.
They’re dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Each one brings a unique and challenging bootcamp class and will keep you working hard.
If you are tired of being out-of-shape or are just looking to tone up your body, we have a class for you. Our friendly, dedicated instructors are certified, have years of training experience and will help to motivate you to reach your goals.